A one-of-a-kind aviation museum that traces the lineage of Beechcraft.

beechcraft heritage musuem

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our collaborative vision…

same mission, new website

J-Bird and Beechcraft Heritage Museum joined forces to revamp the museum’s online presence. The results of this collaboration have empowered the museum to reach a global audience.

introductions, please…

Beechcraft heritage museum

Originating as the Staggerwing Museum Foundation in 1973, the Beechcraft Heritage Museum is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Beechcraft models from 1932 to the present. The core mission of the museum revolves around aviation education and fostering a sense of community among Beechcraft enthusiasts.

let’s start with…


J-Bird took on the challenge of rebuilding the museum’s website, originally structured with custom fields that limited edibility and functionality. Due to its outdated backend platform, the existing website was split into Desktop and Mobile pages, causing SEO and user experience challenges.

let’s remember the important stuff…

Services rendered
aka what j-bird did

  • Transitioned to a mobile-responsive design for optimal user experience.
  • Introduced an eCommerce backend for seamless online Gift Shop transactions.
  • Implemented SEO strategy for improved visibility on Google.
  • Organized and updated content for enhanced clarity.
  • Introduced a dedicated Beech Party Landing Page for the annual event.
  • Created custom forms for event registrations.
  • Streamlined online forms for Donations and Memberships.
  • Integrated Google Analytics for comprehensive insights.

the best part of it all…

Empowering & positive outcomes

Thanks to J-Bird’s expertise, Beechcraft is now empowered to reach a global audience with a user-friendly, mobile-optimized platform. The new website is equipped with enhanced accessibility for the public to explore museum details, events, and exhibits. Improved online forms now receive event registrations, donations, and memberships with ease, and the added eCommerce capabilities have enabled seamless Gift Shop transactions. Most importantly, the website is operating with improved SEO for increased online visibility and more comprehensive data insights through Google Analytics for informed decision-making.

Let’s get creative & Collaborative together!

After exploring our collaboration, I invite you to discover the world of Beechcraft Heritage Museum – indulge in a purchase from their gift shop or book a tour. Your support is integral to the continued success of this nonprofit.