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Empowering Small Businesses in Digital Marketing

After a decade of working in full-service marketing, I found the clients I aspired to work with were the ones being priced out. Thus, J-Bird Digital Designs was founded to better serve small businesses and nonprofits. 

J-Bird Digital Designs is here to stop you from wasting your time on a digital marketing strategy that doesn’t serve your business’s long-term goals. Let’s collaborate to define your buyer personas, messaging, and what platforms will best serve your growth and goals!

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stop throwing pasta at the wall with your digital marketing strategy & let’s find what platforms best serve your goals


Let’s work to unveil your buyer personas and who you’re trying to reach! This ensures you are working on converting qualified leads rather than traffic unlikely to convert. 

Branded email templates

In the platform of your choice, we’ll build a branded template for your team to utilize when communicating with leads. Includes two rounds of revisions. 


This Keyword Report highlights keywords and keyphrases to initiate conversions on your website by dictating high, medium, and negative keywords. 


A UX audit allows J-Bird to review your website to ensure it’s easy to navigate, has a clear call to action, doesn’t load too slowly, is the design and content responsive to mobile devices, and more! 


Ensures your team is collecting user data on your current website. This includes details such as overall traffic, demographic, device, and bounce rate. Don’t forget the update from Universal Analytics to GA4 before the deadline of July 2st! 

Website management

Having a professional web developer manage your website allows your team to avoid tedious site edits, optimizing blog posts, adding or omitting content, or managing your eCommerce inventory.

New website Builds

Any new website build with J-Bird includes a Discovery Session to allow collaboration and strategy implementation before your new build.  Finalizing your branding and voice, SEO keywords or keyphrases, and call to actions are essential to the success of your new web build.

AccessiBe Affiliate

J-Bird is an affiliate partner with AccessiBe, the #1 Web  Accessibility  Solution  for WCAG & ADA Compliance.

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“J-Bird Marketing helped my small business revamp our SquareSpace site so it better represented our mission, branding, and shipping options. J-Bird was responsive to questions or revisions while also providing me and my team with insight into strategy and tracking analytics on the site. We so appreciate this small business supporting our small business.

– Bake That Dough

“Everyone on our team loves the site. We agree that it looks great and is a huge improvement over the prior website. Can’t wait to see what the CRM and analytics accomplish for potential nonprofit clients!”

– Abacus Hive, Nonprofit Full-Stack Accounting

“The best help you could ever get. J-Bird is passionate and committed to helping your business thrive!”

– Knox Base, CoWorking Community

“J-Bird did an absolutely amazing job not only with executing our website but hitting the nail on every want and desire we asked for in such a beautiful way. Jess was communicative, efficient, collaborative, and had a great vision. With our continued and ongoing services, J-Bird is always quick to remedy any issues or hiccups present. We would not dream of working with any other company and look forward to continuing to use J-Bird services for other ventures and years to come. 10/10 would recommend this digital design company.”

– Jade Adams, Oglewood Avenue