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Laura Bogle, Spiritual Direction


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our collaborative vision…

a digital presence

Lacking the technical know-how to create a digital brand and presence that authentically represented her and her offerings, Laura reached out to J-Bird for help.

She wanted the capability of sending a digital asset (aka a SEO Optimized and well designed SquareSpace Landing Page) to potential and returning clients, while gaining positive visibility on her Google My Business profile and increasing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

introductions, please…

Laura Bogle,
spiritual director

She supports those who are seeking deeper meaning in their lives through a trusted relationship with her clients, and guides them into a free and flourishing life. Laura, like most entrepreneurs, wears many hats. She is also an End of Life Doula, providing non-medical support for the emotional and spiritual process of dying.

collaboration origins

With a scattered online presence, Laura didn’t feel confident in what she was presenting to her clients online. Through a referral from Judith Rosenberg of The Thought Bureau, she hired J-Bird, hoping to gain a solid visual presentation of her brand that would truly speak to her purpose as a spiritual director. 

let’s remember the important stuff…

Services rendered
aka what j-bird did

  • Using her existing platform (which she had already paid for and thus was the most cost effective option), J-Bird rebuilt Laura’s brand, content, and layout via a Squarespace Landing Page.
  • Provided relevant iStock imagery.
  • Created logo via Canva (this was based on her budget; however, J-Bird does have a list of local designers who can also do this work).
  • Reverse engineered the brand colors based on colors that resonated with Laura and her Appalachian heritage and progressive ideology.

the best part of it all…

Empowering & positive outcomes

Thanks to a reorganized interface, she now has a cohesive message to present to prospective clients, starting with an informative landing page. Though J-Bird prefers WordPress for SEO purposes, she was able to work within Laura’s existing website building system, Squarespace.

This has allowed Laura to maintain familiarity and a sense of confidence when navigating her website. When formulating the content for the website, J-Bird created prompts for Laura to ensure that the copy felt authentic to her and her brand. All parties benefited by collaborating with Judith Rosenberg, a close friend to Laura, as she oversaw brand consistency in a manner that felt most natural to Laura’s tone, vibe and intention with her practice.

Let’s get creative & Collaborative together!

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