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Lilienthal Gallery

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Please note: While a part of J-Bird’s portfolio, this is not a traditional client relationship – this was one of the jobs that I, Jess Curtis, founder of J-Bird had part-time as I was beginning to start my LLC and business. This job and partnership with Ilana Lilienthal was essential to my feeling empowered to run my business full time.

Our collaborative vision…

community engagement &

artist empowerment

As the Gallery Manager at Lilienthal Gallery, my primary responsibilities were centered around presenting exhibitions to the community through a blend of Digital Marketing and Web Development initiatives.

I played a pivotal role in curating relationships with local artists and fostering collaborations with esteemed institutions such as Dogwood Arts and the Knoxville Museum of Art.

My role extended beyond the confines of a traditional gallery manager. It became a platform for coaching and mentorship, where artists found not only a space to exhibit but a partner invested in their holistic artistic development.

Introductions, please…

Lilienthal Gallery

Gallery owner and artist, Ilana Lilienthal is bringing new life to Emory Place, a blossoming arts district located just north of downtown Knoxville. Originally from Israel, she brings a global perspective to the local art scene and has established Lilienthal as an exhibition space for top-tier artists from around the world. In addition to displaying visual art, Ilana and her team have crafted awe-inspiring, immersive experiences by incorporating elements of performance to expand art goers’ perspectives.




  • Translation of Artistic Narratives: Artists possess unique stories that breathe life into their creations. Recognizing the importance of these narratives, I took on the role of a translator, ensuring that the essence of each artist’s journey was effectively communicated. By translating their bios, I aimed to capture the spirit of their artistic endeavors and make these stories accessible to a broader audience.
  • Portfolio Curation: Understanding the significance of a compelling portfolio, I actively collaborated with artists to curate impactful collections that spoke to their artistic evolution. This process involved selecting and organizing artworks that not only showcased their technical prowess but also conveyed a narrative that resonated with viewers. My approach aimed to go beyond the surface, delving into the deeper layers of artistic expression.
  • Strategic Pricing Representation: Effective pricing is an integral aspect of an artist’s career. Recognizing this, I worked closely with artists to ensure their pricing strategies aligned with the value they brought to the art world. By providing strategic guidance on pricing representation, I aimed to empower artists to position their work appropriately in the market, fostering a balance between artistic integrity and financial sustainability.
  • Coaching for Artistic Development: My engagement went beyond transactional interactions; it evolved into a coaching relationship. I offered insights, constructive feedback, and encouragement to artists navigating the complexities of the art world. This coaching dynamic aimed to empower them not only in their representation at Lilienthal Gallery but also in their broader artistic journey.

Exhibition Curation

Curating the Winter Show 2023, titled “Transcending Traditions,” was a remarkable experience. This group exhibition showcased diverse artworks from Spain, Hungary, the USA, Israel, and Japan, uniting artists of different ages and cultures. Collaborating with curators Ilana Lilienthal, Tally Ben Sira, and Anat Ahouvi-Baruch, I ensured seamless coordination for all print and digital marketing materials.

In addition to the Winter Show, I actively contributed to the marketing and execution of the exhibition titled “Vibe.” Curated by Ilana Lilienthal, Tally Ben Sira, and Anat Ahouvi-Baruch, this vibrant showcase featured the work of six artists from Israel and Knoxville, TN. Exploring themes of healing, duality, and the human experience through colorful paintings and textiles, the exhibition encouraged a deep connection to the spiritual and natural world.

Okay, but how did you enhance their online marketing…

Digital Marketing & Web Development

  • Website Development: I spearheaded and managed the development of the Lilienthal Gallery website, utilizing the WordPress platform to create a robust SEO strategy. This not only improved the gallery’s online presence but also empowered internal updates.
  • Online Catalog: The introduction of an online catalog significantly enhanced the accessibility of the gallery’s artworks. Prospective visitors and buyers gained the ability to preview upcoming exhibitions, explore artists’ portfolios, and discover previous works not featured in the current exhibit.
  • User Interaction: The website prioritized user interaction through features like an easy-to-use contact form, an event system for upcoming exhibits, and integrated analytics. This contributed to community building goals by offering visibility into international and local artists, fostering education about large-scale installations, and presenting a collector-style approach to fine art.
  • Metrics and Analytics: The success of our digital marketing efforts was measured through comprehensive metrics and analytics. Key performance indicators included engagement rates, website traffic growth, and the impact of specific campaigns on exhibition attendance and art sales.

Let’s get creative
& Collaborative

After exploring our collaboration, I invite you to discover the world of Lilienthal Gallery – indulge in the online catalog of exhibitions and artists, or browse past exhibitions. Your support is integral to the continued success of this Downtown Art Gallery.

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