How a medical background and an amazing story allowed monica to find reiki

Violet Flame wellness

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our collaborative vision…

deep connection through healing

Having just started her business, Monica sought out J-Bird’s expertise to create an online presence that best represented her and her – still growing – reiki journey. She needed a website that would work within the limited Squarespace platform and also accurately express who she is and what she brings to her community.

introductions, please…

Desperate for relief from chronic pain in her own life, Monica Lindsey (now Burnett, as she recently got hitched!) of Violet Flame Wellness tried reiki. When asked Monica says, “Reiki changed my life, and continues to shape it in many ways.” She implements this Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation to identify the root cause of health issues. Monica has an extensive background in Western medicine, as well as a high respect for Eastern medicine, and believes there is a complementary link between the two. She practices reiki with the understanding that all life is connected with one another and the Divine, and thereby uplifts her clients with her own positive energy and kindness.

let’s start with…


When she reached out to J-Bird, Monica had just started her new venture. She didn’t have any digital presence at all; thus, we started building up her Google My Business Profile (we won’t touch on how much of a struggle verification can be) and Landing Page. Having already begun a Squarespace subscription, Judith Rosenberg of The Thought Bureau referred her to J-Bird with the knowledge that she would be willing to be flexible in what platform they used for the build.

let’s remember the important stuff…

Services rendered
aka what j-bird did

  • Drafted, revised and implemented content for the website.

  • Provided consultation every step of the way to ensure Monica felt supported and empowered every step of the way.

  • Built branded Landing Page.

  • Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) all content and pages.
  • Created engaging content, FAQs, and information about her offerings, location, and intention.

  • Verified the Google My Business profile. 

  • Connected her domain and her Google Workspace email address.

the best part of it all…

Empowering & positive outcomes

By providing Monica with an outline of content prompts, J-Bird was able to creatively include the client’s voice with a low-pressure approach. This allows for the incorporation of representative taglines and phrases into Calls to Action and headings that keep the user engaged. In addition to referring the client to J-Bird, Judith Rosenberg and the team at The Thought Bureau also provided the logo suite, color palette, and also revised content for the website. This collaboration brought together all aspects of the client and her reiki offerings, effectively conveying the calm and peaceful energy of the brand without being too “woo woo”.

What the client said…

“J-Bird has been such a wonderful resource for me and my small business. Not only is she an absolute joy to work with, she is insightful, creative, and professional. Jess is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to digital marketing. She has listened to my needs and vision regarding my business and created a digital platform that I love. I feel that what she has created for me truly represents me and my brand. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone and everyone! She does amazing work!” – Monica Lindsey Burnett, Violet Flame Wellness